Back when life was simple was

[image, what lacks in is]

Made up for in authenticity

"You're so tense"

"Well it is sinew and bone"

A rawky shift come out

Cutting gullies

N not sick

I;m all dry

"I'm still alive" deafening and continuous, upsetting, and its quiet

____________Show in cities
____________Enter a city
____________11-05-2021 Apartment overlooking railway
____________Dismissal film
____________Sun room river
____________The Wishing tree
____________Bird Swallowed At Lake Berryessa Is OK
____________Corr atoll
____________Lower green
____________Messy scrape
____________Dawn at demoralize

____________Winds spoil
Hahaing all the time owthout cause
____________Moniker, moniker
____________Second Unit
____________B fish shehdhs
____________Look at there little faces
____________2015 2019
____________To live on the train